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Career support for veterans

I specialise in military to civilian career transitions. This interest is fuelled by my fondness for the armed forces, which was fostered during my time growing up around the Bovington and Lulworth Army camps in a Royal British Legion club where my dad was the steward and had many veteran friends. I enjoyed growing up with many friends whose parents were in the armed forces and have great memories of my childhood growing up next to an Army barracks, such as the regular occurrence of huge tanks driving past me while I was riding my bike, and hearing them fire in the evenings, to the point of making our doors rattle.


I have a great deal of empathy for the ex-forces men and women who are dealing with their unique, difficult, and varied transitions, which are often ill supported. Because of this I have made it my purpose to build on my previous research in military career transitions - and to provide bespoke career counselling in order to help the veteran community. 


My career counselling service provides a tailored service that helps veterans to: deal with their career issues, reach their goals and operate at their optimal potential. 


It is my goal to help veterans deal with the transition process and to find rewarding, satisfying careers after the armed forces. 


I also offer free workshops and articles based around my research, please get in touch to find out more.

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