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Passionate About Inspiring Others


Driven by my desire to instigate positive change in people’s lives, my goal is to help people to realise their potential through career counselling. I believe that everyone has the potential to thrive in a career they thoroughly desire and enjoy, but sometimes people need support to move past the barriers that might be standing in their way. I myself have faced multiple barriers which I have been able to overcome gradually and successfully (and still continue to) in order to progress on my journey.


I had a difficult time growing up in a low-income, single-parent household where I faced many challenges. During my teens I developed severe anxiety, which had a detrimental effect on my education and resulted in me leaving school with poor GCSE grades and no idea of what I was going to do with my life. I entered the workforce at 17 years old and for many years I held jobs that didn't reflect my interests or utilise my true potential. I experienced many ups and downs over the years and, whilst I had some very successful times in my work, the jobs I had didn't make me feel happy or fulfilled. Despite this, my career journey did provide me with the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience, and it also created the impetus to find my true direction.


Throughout my career I have learned what is important to me, what I am good at, and what I want to achieve. Once I had learned this, I was able to focus on my passion to help others who had been through similar experiences to myself. After several years of working I reached a pivotal moment and decided to give myself a second chance at an education, this was the first step towards my goal of having a career with meaning. I then continued to work full time whilst I completed an access to higher education course. Following this, I was accepted into the University of Exeter (which I wouldn't have thought possible when I first left school) where I earned a bachelors degree in psychology.


After graduating from Exeter I found a job that was a good fit with my values in the welfare to work industry. It was during this time of assisting the long-term unemployed with finding sustainable work that I decided to study for a masters degree in occupational and business psychology at Kingston University London. There I focused on career counselling and continued to work full time while I studied. I wanted my masters dissertation to count for something, so I chose to research the career transitions of ex-military personnel entering civilian employment and earned a distinction for my work. Having grown up close to two army camps (Bovington and Lulworth) I developed an affinity for the armed forces at a young age, and once I had learned the truth of their transition experiences through my research, I was compelled to try and make a valuable contribution to this important issue. My work produced many valid findings and provided me with valuable knowledge that I intend to use in order to help veterans in the future. So, not only do I want to help civilians like myself in their careers, I also have a deeply rooted interest in supporting veterans through their transitions. 


My aim is to use the knowledge and skills that I have acquired through my work experience and in depth study of psychology, business and careers to help others with their career related issues. From a young age I understood how important it is to have a career that fits with who we are and what we value, and how painful it can be to be stuck in unfulfilling work.


In my 18 years of work to date I have accrued a rich and varied amount of experience in: retail, sales, customer service, military transitions, banking, hospitality, management, welfare to work, health and well-being, motoring, education, and insurance. Throughout this journey I have experienced first hand many of the highs and lows, doubts, fears, hopes, dreams and various issues that can present themselves during a working life; issues that you may be experiencing right now.

My career counselling aims to empower individuals in making positive decisions by utilising a service grounded in the science of psychology, sound ethics and industry-accredited frameworks. I work with a holistic approach, and where suitable I can even utilise my training in martial arts as a way to boost confidence, wellness and self-esteem - not just in the workplace, but in your everyday life too. My approach is versatile, catered to the individual and suited to the diverse nature of career decisions, so whatever your aims, level, background or age - I can help you.

Throughout my life I have learnt that clear goals, drive, determination and the right mindset really can make anything possible, and having successfully achieved my goal of finding a fulfilling career, I want to help you to thrive and achieve yours. 

I am based in the UK and work nationally or internationally, either face to face or via Skype/telephone.


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  • ​​Certified and Licensed Career Counsellor (Accredited by the Association for Coaching)

  • MSc with Merit in Occupational and Business Psychology from Kingston University

  • BSc with Honours in Psychology from the University of Exeter

  • CMI Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership (QCF)

  • Member of the Association for Business Psychologists

  • Member of the British Psychological Society

  • Blue belt under Dr. Richard Catterick & Sidney Silva, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

  • Blue Prajioud (Level 4) under Kru Steve Smith, Muay Thai

  • Green belt under Dr. Richard Catterick, Kickboxing