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Career counselling provided to employees can have multiple benefits to an organisation. Employees will be more motivated, engaged and productive. They will also have a more proactive attitude to self-managing their careers by having a career plan and strategies to achieve the plan. They will be more flexible to consider other areas and options within the business that could benefit from their knowledge and skills.


Employees are likely to feel more connected to the organisation and view the organisation more favourably for offering the service as it shows that they are valued. This can help prevent under-productivity and instead create an enhanced  willingness to apply themselves and increase their capability. In turn the organisation's capability to meet future demands will be enhanced by the ability to retain existing staff and to attract high quality applicants.


The positive outcomes of career counselling unlock the business value chain that links personal success, business results and shareholder value.

Please get in touch to find out how Hambleton Career Counselling can help your organisation. 

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