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 We have a free, confidential 30 minute telephone call to ensure that career counselling is right for you and to understand how I can help you.

1. Discovery call

1. Discovery Call

Next we explore and understand your situation in order to define the real issues. Answer the questions: Who am I? Where have I been? Where am I now?

2. exploring

2. Exploring

Here we see your situation in a new way by identifying themes from stage 2 and key factors for future work satisfaction. 

3. clarifying

3. Clarifying

This is an important step. I help you to develop more motivation and promote your vision for the future by expanding on ideas and possibilities. 

4. visioning

4. Visioning

Now we prepare the groundwork and take action. Choose options, identify resources obstacles and bridges. We reality test your options, create a plan for success and a strategy to maintain momentum. 

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5.resourcing and action

5. Resourcing and Action
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