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here to help you find your purpose and change career


My career counselling programme will help you to tap into yourself, understand who you are on a deeper level Get started and hit the button below to book a free consultation and find out how we can help you change your life today! 


is career counselling worth it?


Yes! Career Counselling really makes a difference and enables you to create a fulfilling career.

Previous clients can vouch for us, and confirm that career counselling has been a solid career investment. They've told us that it has helped them to really know their value, what they want in their career, providing them with confidence and preparation to achieve it.


Working on a level deeper than just coaching, it helps you to develop self insight and guide you in making good decisions.


It is a positive and uplifting experience, where you'll explore options, create a vision for your future and a plan to achieve it.


We use a proven process which is tailored to you. You'll be enabled to maximise your potential and make better decisions.


Our mission is to inspire growth, fulfilment and satisfaction; with a wealth of experience that's helped hundreds of people so far.


some possible outcomes


Identification of new career path, clear vision of life plan,

more energy, motivation and positivity, self awareness,

identify problems and their solutions, sharper edge in the job market, more focused job search strategy, knowledge of values, skills and interests, identify knowledge gaps,

self insight....

As an Independent consult:


The Walt Disney Company, Honda UK, Computacenter, Virgin Money, Deloitte, Arsenal Football Club, Hewlett Packard, General Electric Company, Lee Hecht Harrison, Motiv-8 South West, Job Centre Plus TE Connectivity, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol City Council, Kantar Group, National Australia Bank, Commerzbank, Airbus, BBC, Yorkshire Building Society, The Co-Operative Bank Pension Trust, BP, Yorkshire Building Society, Schneider Electric, Pfizer, Santander, John Wiley & Sons, Deutsche Bank, Accenture, Ecolab, The Estee Lauder Companies, Dixons Carphone, AA, Coty Services, British Airways, National Express.... to name a few. 

how does it work?

Career Counselling can be delivered online or face to face.

Below is an example of the stages you would work through in our main career counselling programme.

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Read what my clients say

"Lee provides a phenomenal service from beginning to end. His genuineness, professionalism and passion are apparent throughout, making the whole process easier and more comfortable. Having just graduated university, I was at a daunting and anxious phase in my life. With Lee’s collaborative approach I was able to gain the clarity and confidence I needed at this time to truly make the most of it. On a more personal note, with Lee’s help I was able to explore what values I held most dear and begin to understand myself more. I noticed that I carried myself better which improved my general well-being in a wider context. I couldn’t recommend Lee too much and would encourage anyone to undergo his brilliant service."

Mark - University of Exeter Student.


Not sure where to go next on your journey?

Book a 30-minute consultation with me; it's completely confidential, free and could be your next step towards a more fulfilling and happy career! Just click the button and let's get started!  

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